Dresses I & II

Design, Prototypes, production supervision, for several Dresses
Collections for SELBRUNDBERLIN (2016-2021)
organic cotton, tencel, linen, hemp

Collaboration: PATTERNSTUDIO
Photographer: Christian Schwarzenberg, Emilie Delegue
Production: Poland-EU


cork'n'colour products are an interplay of contrasts - the combination of nature and contemporary innovative design.

A combination of natural materials, strong colors and a functional design language.
Photographer: Christian Schwarzenberg,
Emilie Delegue
Production:  Poland-EU

Margiotta & Plaskova

The colour and fabric scheme of the collection is closely adapted to 
the characteristics of cork. The various types of forms are based on experimental pattern cutting and drapery made in collaboration with 
the designer Chantal Margiotta. Focal areas are premium processing,
natural materials and innovative design solutions. 

  • Margiotta&Plaskova at the Mercedesbenz Fashionweek Berlin, SS, Berlin, DE- (2011)
  • Margiotta&Plaskova honored as the best newcomer label , Start Your Fashion Business Award, Berlin, DE - (2010)

 Photographer: Christian Schwarzenberg  

Accesoires & Cork

Cork challenges me in its material autonomy while at the same time 
limiting me through its specific properties. 
The cork i use is known as cork-leather, a material that when processed, 
is very similar to animal leather. Cork is water-resistant and stable, it can 
be printed on and dyed. Cork is a natural product and its production has 
very little impact on natural processes of the ecological system. 


Dresscodes as unspoken sign - Reflection & quotation
Dresscodes is asking for, it´s removing norms, srutinizing standards and reflecting thus existing legitimacy of mens´s clothing. 

The project is analysing conventional characteristics of work, casual, leisure and sports clothing. With reference to their tradition, function and essence, their comes into being provocative projection for social relevant visualisation of individuality.